About Me

I’m Katie! Born and raised in Cleveland, OH with summers on Lake Erie in Port Clinton, OH. I graduated from Bluffton University where I met my husband, Matt, and where I received a degree in Family Studies and Psychology. After finally realizing that my best guy friend of four years was actually meant to be my husband, we married in 2010. I could not be happier to be taking on life together. In fall 2011, Matt and I moved to Ohio University to start working on Matt’s master’s degree. Matt is now graduated and I have one year to go in my masters program. I’m currently learning what it means to support my husband while he pursues his dream, how to graciously survive while constantly out of my comfort zone and how to view each day as one day closer to our goal.

I am a passionate friend and lover of Christ. I believe that I am never alone in the obstacles or joys of life. I also believe that love will prevail on this stinky, messy old earth. This blog was started to document my twenties, to share what God is doing in and with my life. This blog has turned out to be more than pages of words, but an outlet and a friend; a place to share thoughts, insecurities, heartache and happiness. I can’t say that my twentysomething’s have been smooth, but I do know that they are telling, full of rich and powerful lessons. This is my snapshot of life.