Our Wedding Day

July 24th 2010
Our Wedding Day:

We had a beautiful day. Threats of storms all morning long were put to rest when the sun started to shine bright. Once I was dressed and prepared to see my soon to be hubby, the importance of this day finally hit me. This is where I had always wanted to be; dressed in a gown for my fiance, soaking in the moments of all this magical day would hold. It was photographed perfectly as I looked at Matt through a window, as he prepared to see me for the first time.

Matt and I were surrounded by dear friends and amazing family. We continue to say to this day that we have never felt so much amazement. We continuously witnessed unbelievable love, sacrifice and support. To truly know and feel sincere love is something I hope all people can experience. It happened to be the glowing feeling of our wedding day. Love was truly the mission.


We had sunshine on July 24th, be we also had an insane humid 93 degrees to deal with! It roasted people. Our groomsmen were frying alive in their suits and I was sweating in places I never knew I could. I gained about 1,000 new freckles on my wedding day due to some crazy sunburn. Who would have thought that sunscreen on your wedding day would be a good idea? Now I look at the pictures and can't imagine my wedding photos with any less freckles. They define me in many ways, and what a beautiful way to photograph my gift of freckles...while on my wedding day.

I knew from the moment Matt proposed that I wanted my brothers entire family to be in the wedding. This was a large request and potentially a huge expense to them. But they agreed, and I can not be happier to see my little nephews in these amazing pictures for years to come. Handsome little gents'.

Whenever I  had imagined the moment my dad walked me down the isle I pictured myself as a blubbering mess. My dad has always been my "man". I have always known that he would go to the ends of the earth for me, I have never been let down by him and I have learned more from him and my mom than any other human-beings. This moment was bound to be huge. This moment was me showing my deepest gratitude for what he has helped me become. This moment was my dad confirming his love for me and now for Matt too. This moment was anticipated just behind the moment I said "I do". And I managed not to cry. Right before we headed down the isle I told dad that if he had some fancy speech set to tell me, he was going to have to wait. I just couldn't do. My love for my dad was about to burst from my eyes and I knew I would never make it through the walk. So he simply said "Okay. I love you. Let's walk and not trip." However, I do believe he also mentioned something about skipping. My dad and I are known for skipping and it would have been a grand entrance, however my dad saved his skipping for his "grand" entrance into the reception with Matt's dad. Yes, they held hands and skipped into the reception.

The sun shone. My bridal party almost melted. But the lake looked beautiful and the world seemed to stop for a few short minutes to allow Matt and I all the beauty this place on earth could offer. We sang worship songs as an act of love and thankfulness to our creator and grand planner. We sang with voices from our past and our present. We lived in this moment with the grandest gratitude and it surpassed every desire I ever had for a wedding ceremony.

Once the spotlight was off Matt and I we retreated to the shade at the back of the yard, this was our moment to give each other our corny smiles of relief, thankfulness, and amazement that we were indeed married.

The night went on with perfection. We enjoyed special moments of songs and speeches by those closest to us. I can remember being amazed that this all came together the way it did. There was such an extreme amount of generosity of time, money and skills for our day to be what it was. And I truly believe I will never feel as though I have thanked those people enough.

Dancing with my dad was another moment in time that I looked forward to dearly. I relished in the opportunity to surprise him with one of his favorite Jim Reeves songs and for me to be able to sing it with out missing a word because I have heard him play it time after time. It was just as special as I hoped it to be.

And we danced, and we danced...

Until the sun set, and we had squeezed every amount of perfection and beauty out of the day. We knew that His plan had been accomplished for July 24th 2010, and we then smiled at the joy of knowing that we would be fulfilling the rest of God's plan for our lives together. This day, this memory in history will not be surpassed by many, and I can only hope and pray that my future "unforgettable" days will be full of just as much love as my wedding day was.

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