October 10, 2010


Today would have been a good day to marry. so pretty out there. high of 80 and almost half way through October. Yes, I will take it.

I'm continually amazed at how fast time flies. I can remember being little and hating my parents saying how fast time passes. Because to me.... my birthday always seemed forever away and Christmas just never seemed to come fast enough. But now here I am saying the same things i heard so much growing up. I continue to hear it often from my amazing dad. Dad is 76... i think, and i know that he truly loves life and hates the fact that it is fleeting. Though he is healthy, strong and able, I know he still ponders the reality that I am grown... and Married. But we still have daughter/dad dates on Friday and Saturday evenings. We usually eat ice cream and i get him to watch a sappy romantic comedy or Say Yes to the Dress or HGTV's Color Splash. But I'm sure he loves our date nights. :) i do.

Matt and I are really enjoying being married. I would say i prefer it to any other season of my life. Though i have had such a blessed life... and many great seasons to my life, i love that now all seasons involve matt.... and what a gift. I laugh more. i'm more confident and i have this crazy amount of excitement and hope for the future.... our future. we are finally settled into our house. we have painted, decorated and made the space our own. and i love it. i love that it's our resting place, our place to rejuvenate and thrive. it's becoming home.

Matt recently threw me a 'surprise' birthday party where nearly all my nearest and dearest friends came. it was the best gift ever and i can't explain well, what friends to do my heart. after enjoying a visit from friends i always feel inspired and fed. I feel loved and whole. friends just do so much good for my soul. and i am deeply thankful for the beautiful friends i have. and a husband who recognizes how truly important they are to me.

Matt and i may be enjoying our house and being in port clinton, but we also know there is more for us out there. Matt has applied for new jobs, as have i. and the application process for grad school will be beginning soon. we have desires to do big things and better things. to reach more people and to really thrive in a profession. so we ask for prayers in that God hears and sees the desires of our hearts to try something new... to be something new. we look forward to the challenge and the excitement it may bring.

so fall is my favorite. and i believe i am not alone. Matt and i will go camping next weekend on Kellys island. it will be great fun... we are sure of it. i hope to take in all sorts of great fall activities and be reminded yet again of how amazing and vast our God is.

yet again.... time will fly and i will be back to report on it.

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