September 8, 2011

Dainty Table for Two: Makeover

Matt and I are suckers for a good ol' garage sale. After we got married we found quite a bit of cool 'things' to use around our new place from garage sailin'. One of these 'things' being a small two top table perfect for a sun room or front porch. Something we had with our first apartment. Here... not so much. But we are working with it.

The only thing about this table is that it looked terrible. Quite ugly, but we saw some potential, just like our beloved new coffee table. I wish I had taken a 'before' picture of the whole set, but I failed to do so, so just trust me when I say it was really ugly. The cushions were upholster with a really dated and floral design. Not to mention they were stained from years of use. We knew right away we would be changing out the fabric. So here is the progression of our "Dainty Table for Two":

Textured Shimmer :)

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