March 26, 2012

A Day With Mrs. T

When we get the chance to come to Pittsburgh I love the adventures we go on. Matt's mom is usually up for anything and well, so are we. There is usually a list of things we have planned out for our visit. Some touristy, some out of necessity, and some just for the fun of it.

So on the same day that we made our way out to the Flight 93 Memorial we found several other things to do that day. The sun was brilliant. Western PA was beautiful and we soaked up every ounce of that day.

We started by heading to Hidden Valley, a ski resort near Somerset, PA. Matt's best friend's family owns a home in the ski resort area and Matt spent a good chunk of his childhood at Hidden Valley. Matt took the time to remember all the fun and memories made while visiting the house and the hills. He also picked up his old ski's and an old jacket, knowing the fun of a once active part of his life were just awesome memories now.

I only had my camera phone on me, but did manage to get some pictures of Matt checking out the place.

After our visit to the slopes we headed to a local winery (yes, we go to wineries a lot, in case you were wondering.) The winery was called Glades Pike Winery. We enjoyed a free sampling (don't find that too often anymore) and a glass with our packed lunch. Many wineries offer a free carry in. A lot of wineries are not large enough to offer full service meals so they allow you to bring in a picnic. We loved this idea so we made sure to come prepared. We enjoyed our lunch and wine while over looking a vineyard. Pretty nice :)

So it was another wonderful day in PA. We could not get over the temperature or the beauty of our ride out to Somerset. Simply perfect.

And while driving the farm fields we found this guy chillin' looks so fluffy and friendly: 

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