April 5, 2012


Last night I got the opportunity to watch a live dance performance. I love this art form. I'm fascinated by dance, movement and music. I kinda always have been, however it's not something I actually got to do much of myself. I was in tap and ballet as a pre-schooler...and then moved on to gymnastics but never made it to the "eat, breath, sleep" dedication level. Sometimes I wish it had. I'm pretty sure I was a dancer in another life....

But it's great that I occasionally get the chance to watch dance live. We saw the Sean Curran Company along with a performance by current OU dance majors. Great evening indeed!

 I may not be able to dance, but I can write about it:


she moves left- then right
twirls around with grace and
crumbles to her knees with poise, posture
and perfection.
she has it down pat.
up on her toes, with one leg behind.
then in a swift move she wraps up the pillar leg
with the comfort of the other.
the music quiets...
her face displays more interest than ever.
light notes trace there way back to her ears.
she comes alive again...
this time with more intensity that before:
she runs from one side to the other-
picking up speed and fear
until the music softens.
a sweet melody sounds
and she is in the air-
down she comes and rolls into a graceful
ball of safety.
though scared she emerges-
one limb at a time.
now she crawls, building courage with every beat.
the notes sweeten and rise, just as she does...
one jump, two jumps and one more.
freedom has found her toes and
her spirit has been released...
arms swing back as her chest is exposed to the heavens.
she is here to be taken,
taken away...
taken home.
sweet dances of the heart
tickle the bones,
expose the soul
and open the senses...
that supply the sun,
and the warmth
and the never ending song.
Behold! for it's just begun.

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  1. You are a good writer Katie, and a good dancer too if I recall..."front to the front to the front my baby..."