April 25, 2012

Sperry Inspired

Sperry Inspired

Sperry Inspired by katie

Since I can't afford to shop--being in graduate school makes us poor, I decided to dream instead. 

How have I never heard of Polyvore before? My goodness it's addicting. I'm not actually a huge clothes person, I could careless about brands and I only buy sale items. We actually shop mostly at Goodwill. So it was strange for me to find so much joy in putting together these clothes collages. However, because we do shop a lot at Goodwill, putting together outfits helps me get a better idea of what to look for when we get to the store. Just another way to try to plan.

All three of these collages I put together were based off of the shoes. I do like shoes and these are the three shoes I'm currently craving.  All are pretty expensive. So since I probably won't be getting any of them, it's fun to put together a virtual outfit based off of them. 

Check out Polyvore if you like clothes and like visualizing your own creative style! :)

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