April 24, 2012

Vacation Envy

You know this trip I have been dreaming about?

And how it would look something like this:

take a guess at what my parents are currently doing? Yep, you guessed it... they are out West and doing the full loop.

I'm loving the calls to update me with what they are doing and what they have seen. I'm also loving the pictures of sights I have yet to see in person.

I was offered to go on this trip with them. However I would have been away from Matt for almost a month. I like to think we are still newlyweds and spending that amount of time away from each other is just crazy talk. Besides, I want to do the loop of our country with him.

I'm also remembering that it has taken my parents a good chunk of their life to make this trip possible. I have time. We have time. But how amazing would it be if this life was about travel and occasionally working? (Actually I have a best friend and her husband who have mastered this craft...check out her blog) :)

And since my parents are on this exciting adventure I have gotten the chance to hang out with my doggie. Moxy was given to me as a puppy for my 13th birthday. She's my girl. I'm not sure I ever thought I could love an animal so much, but I just do. Matt doesn't really get it, but then again he has never had a pet. Moxy is my first dog... I dread her passing. But man has she given me so much joy. Since I don't live at home with my parents anymore, this month with Mox has been awesome. I love being a care-giver... even if just for a dog. (Care-giving is my calling, I'm almost sure of that.)

So back to cuddle time with Moxy... and dreaming of travel adventures :)


  1. haha Moxy looks amazing...that face...how could you not love it?

  2. Ha, she's pretty cute, ain't she? :) I'm slightly partial. But thank you, yes she has been wonderful to have around.