May 7, 2012

My Cup is FULL

I am over joyed by many things and today I want to share these many things.

There are many reasons for me to be thankful everyday, but for some reason I struggle a bit with actually professing my joy and thankfulness regularly and instead waste my time complaining about the few things that aren't great.

But for right now... I want all to know that my glass is indeed half FULL :)

It's spring! The trees are alive with color, my allergies are in high discomfort and our air conditioning is on (that's not necessarily a perk, I love windows open). But it's spring, which mean summer is next!

Matt is in week 7 of a 10 week quarter! This means he is on the home stretch of completing his first year of graduate school. My gosh I can not be more proud of him.

Matt's best friend Jon, and his fiancee Kelsey, are getting married! Yep June 2nd we will all get together to celebrate Jon and Kelsey! We are extremely excited for this wedding--not only is this Matt's childhood best friend, but the entire Raves family has been more like Matt's extended family, so this will be just another great get together with some pretty awesome people. Not to mention, it will be nice to see Matt all spiffy in a tux as a groomsman :)

Jon & Kelsey

We are moving "home" to Port Clinton for the summer! Matt got an internship with the Catawba Island Club. He has been working there for the last few years but this year he not only gets new responsibilities but he will also be getting school practicum credit! 

And since we are moving home for the summer that means I am back to working with this girl: 

And I can't be more excited to spend my summer with her! 

So our cup is most definitely FULL! I am so thankful that we survived our first school year in Athens, and I can't be more excited for our summer with my family and the jobs we love!

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