May 22, 2012

Today you really should check out March Rielo and explore Mckenzie's lovey blog. There you will find a sweet gal with much beauty and a passion for life. I have been enjoying her blog for a while and recently connected with her about sharing my love story.

I'm a sucker for love--it's true. 

I could read love stories all day long; and though I am partial to my love story for {obvious reasons}... I'm still amazed by how God decided to bring Matt and I together. It's a story of persistence, patience and pursuit. Check it out and stick around to enjoy all of Mckenzie's lovey words.


  1. Thanks again do much for sharing it! Lots and lots of people have read and enjoyed it already!!!

  2. Found you through Mackenzie's blog! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping in and leaving your love! Great to meet you through Mackenzie! I'll be hoping over to your blog now :)