July 22, 2012


Last night mom asked if I wanted to go to church in the morning. (We are living with my parents for the summer so we can work in our hometown instead of staying down near where our graduate school is.)

I huffed and puffed a little bit, saying how I was really looking forward to sleeping in, lazily waking and laying around all day. I have to admit, in the summer I just don't get to church quite as often and I barely have an excuse.

Matt got up at 6:45 am this morning for work, which got me stirring around in bed. After he was dressed and on his way I figured I'd be able to fall back asleep. Falling back asleep would mean I would get the chance to sleep in, lazily wake up and lay around all day.

It wasn't happening. So around 7:15 I headed down stairs and let my mom know that I was game for church, having failed at my attempt to fall back asleep.

Once at church I knew exactly why I could not fall back asleep this morning. I was meant to be in church today. I was meant to hear what so desperately needed to be said and I was meant to see what I saw.

We sat across the aisle from a man who looked to be in his early to mid 50's. I first noticed him because he had a walker next to his chair, sticking out a bit into the aisle. I then noticed him standing during worship, singing songs of deep praise. Shortly into the second song I saw him struggle to sit down--clearly pooped from the song and a half of standing. Once sitting I could tell he was in a lot of pain. He lifted his pant legs and I could see braces that followed his calf muscle all the way down to his tippy toes. He removed one brace, and quickly started rubbing his foot.

I then noticed how difficult it was for him to sit and to sit comfortably. Always adjusting something on his waist line. Then I noticed a catheter bag hanging on his walker. He kept his shoe off for the entire service, occasionally smiling at his wife when she patted him on the leg. Each time she looked him right in the eye and spoke a million words to him with that one quick look. And when she leaned in to speak to him he gave her the ear opposite of the one nearest to her so that her voice could be picked up by his cochlear implant.

Now you probably think I was just creeping on this couple the entire service, and maybe I was, but more than that I think I was meant to see what true love for God looks like. He didn't roll over this morning, he didn't sleep in and he didn't lazily wake. He woke up to gather in a place where love was bound to be and where a faith could be refreshed and nurtured. He woke up and went to church.

In addition to some beautiful worship today, the message was about Hope. Yes, hope.

Lord, you did it again. Praise you, praise you, praise you.

And just as my day was getting a little overwhelming with too much thought... I saw one of the best things my eyes have ever seen: A man who looked about 80, riding a pedal bike with no shirt on, with a Chiuaua chilling in the front handle bar basket of the bike. I could have done with out the whole shirt off aspect, but he looked so happy and so did that dog.

Happy Sunday you all.


  1. I felt the same way when I woke up this morning, but I'm so glad that I caught up! Glad you shared this.

  2. Hi there! New follower :) Loved this post.. and you are so not creeping. I do that stuff a lot! but, then again, maybe that makes us BOTH creepers.

  3. Love it. You almost had me in tears while reading this. It is so amazing to see someone who is that in love with Jesus. I hope that is how I am when I get old. Thank you for sharing!