July 20, 2012


Dear Friday, thank you for being such a great day of the week. Glad we have met again. Dear Hubbyman, Thank you so much for supporting me in the ways you do. Knowing I love photos and people and art--and you are helping me to achieve the beginnings of a pretty cool life project. Thank you, Thank you. Dear Sam & Aurora, Please come back. I miss you. I just had so much fun. I wish we could live closer. I wish we could be two best friends raising our babies together. You are a beautiful mama, doing so perfectly at something you have never done before. You were meant to be Aurora's mom and she is the luckiest lady around. Dear Weekend, I don't work during you and that makes me just so happy. I have made a 'to-do' list for all those things I've been meaning to do. Or maybe I'll just sit outside, read a book and look over the bay. Yes, that sounds perfect. Dear Blog, You really mean so much to me. I'm proud of you and I'm loving the people you are helping me meet. I'm looking forward to all the new friends you will give me in the future. Dear Matt (Hubbyman), Are you ready to celebrate two years of an amazing marriage? I still can't believe two years could have gone so darn fast. Easily my favorite two years of my life. Dear Lord, Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. Enjoyed your letters~ New follower - hope to get a follow back~

  2. Stopping by from Friday's Letters! How exciting its almost your 2 year anniversary! Congrats and cute blog. :)

  3. Congrats on the 2 years :)

    Aurora is adorable--you took fabulous pics!

  4. Babies are so fun, but don't rush it. They are non-stop once that become mobile :)

  5. I'm loving your letters! You can consider me a new blog follower also :)


  6. Happy 2 years!!! And those pictures are just adorable!