July 8, 2012

To Suck is to be Human

We suck. We just do.

We hurt people, we lead people on, we judge, we condemn, we forget to love... and this is just the unintentional things we do.

Our words can be misheard, our actions can blatantly hurt others, our motivations become sinful...

You can disagree with this truth if you like.

But I'm sadly finding it to be truer and truer all the time. Growing up and being a part of the 'real world' really does manage to baffle me. How capable we are as humans to do so much wrong.

I'm quite amazed often that God continues to still love us.

Thank goodness.

For Matt and I, someone close to us is hurting. Hurting because he was unpleasantly reminded that we are all human. That mistakes happen.

Mistakes or decisions that directly affect the future we once had planned. Choices are made that don't consider how ugly a once beautiful thing can become.

We are all human and we all suck.

So thank for a forgiving God. A God we can cry in forgiveness to. A God who gives us a new sunrise each day that allows us to try again.


Matt and I have been crazy busy with work. I work two jobs while Matt works long hours at his one job. We can't complain, because we need the work, the money and the worthiness it gives us. Praise the Lord for jobs.

Because of our busy schedules we don't often get to see each other. We meet in bed at night, sometimes with one of us (me) already fallen asleep.

So when Matt got off work last night we didn't want to waste a minute not together. I have been hinting at something romantic and Matt pulled it together quite nicely in a little amount of time.

After a quick stop at the grocery store we found ourselves with hummus and pita, cheese and a bottle of wine. He then drove me to a dock where we hung our feet over the edge and watched the sun turn the sky pink. We ate up the warmth from the hot day, talked about our busy past week and thanked each other for loving one another. Matt even kissed me publicly a few times. :)

I am so thankful for the quick and perfect date last night. 

I love this guy so much. And even when life gets crazy and I just miss him like crazy, he still manages to find fun and creative ways to love me. 

This is after all our anniversary month. Love is in the air :)

Proof that I don't have an iphone :( terrible pictures. Someday.


  1. Lol your pics were just fine :) I'm not in the iPhone club either. Sounds like you had a fun date!

  2. God's grace is incredible. Absolutely incredible. I truly believe this is the only way our flawed humanity can live out redemption.

    Your date night sounded so perfect-- it's so wonderful to share those special moments together!