October 28, 2012

Nothing Like Your First Place

I'm back home (up in northern Ohio on Lake Erie) staying at my parents house, or what I like to refer to as "my" house-- sometimes I forget that I'm married and have my own home with Matt. Maybe it's because we lived with my parents this past summer... either way... I love being here and I have loved the couple days of relaxing.

Being back in Port Clinton has got me reminiscing of Matt and my first home together here. We lived in town, I was a few blocks from the local high school where I worked and only a few minutes drive to my parents house. It was our first home to live in together, our first house to decorate, our first home to host friends together in...

And I miss that first home of ours.

I know we will probably live in many more homes together, and make a million more memories in each of them.. but this one will always be our first home together.

Ah. That was a nice walk down memory lane :) Thanks for visiting our first home!


  1. I will ALWAYS think of my parents home as my home. It will never change for me. So fun you got to go visit :)


  2. It was so cute and cozy looking! I recently got married and we are living at my in laws for a little. I can't wait to have our first home.

    1. Same here. Craig's and my house that we first rented will always seem like our first home. BUT, Sandusky will always be home home for me. I miss the lake so much.

      How do you feel about your home in Cleveland that you grew up in? Since you went to school in Cleveland, doesn't that seem like home to you?


  3. AHHH you gotta be kidding me this is adorable. So pinterest worthy :)
    I can't even image how hard it would be to leave a first home. Im still in college, but I still remember so clearly the first house I can really remember living in growing up. It was the epitome of childhood :) My best friend from back then snuck back and tried to lurk hard core on that little house.