December 26, 2012

Come and Gone

Christmas has come and gone. Ugh. But with this storm coming through Ohio and Western PA, everything still seems to be a bit exciting. So glad to be on break with no need to go anywhere!

And since I'm in Pittsburgh, I thought I would post my most recent outfits all inspired by great finds at a local Pittsburgh Goodwill. I just love that place. So here ya go... pretty bad pictures I know, but I can't help but be excited about great finds at a great price:

  • In the first picture on the left I found this (Target: Merona) sweater and brown boots at the GW.
  • In the next picture I found the red button down (H&M) and brown belt.
  • The sweater in the next picture is also Merona from target.
  • And in the last picture I found that pretty light purple dress (Anne Taylor).
And since we are currently in Pittsburgh, you better believe I'll be hittin' up the GW a few times :)

Speaking of good great finds, I found another (at a Cleveland store called Marc's. Marc's sells new goods)-- now not everyone will understand why I am so excited about this find, but I really am. I found ceramic gorillas! These gorillas are actually gorilla banks, ya know, just like a piggy bank--but gorillas! Maybe someday they will be our son's banks, but until then they are going to be book ends, adorable gorillia-rific book ends!

One of my favorite gifts from this Christmas would have to be this surprise:

My brother and sister-in-law made me business cards! How cool is that? I love them! And I love that my best friends baby in on the front. She's adorable and looking at these cards just make me so happy. A big thank you to my bro and Dana, along with my hubby who I guess helped with the process! Yay!

Another fun gift: my aunt bought me the best bag I have ever set eyes on. She sure does know me well, considering my mom has nicknamed me the 'bag-lady'. I just love me a nice big bag, and this one sure does not disappoint! I'm certain I can fit all of my future children, a full feast and my camera gear in this bag. Success! (It's actually a laundry bag-- but shh, don't tell.)


  1. I LOVE that red HM button down! How flattering! I miss thrift stores so so much. They have them here but they're hard to find and the selection is even more sparse

  2. this is so cute!
    and i love your outfits

    following you :)
    if you have time i'd love for you to check out my blog too <3

  3. I love your business card! Now you are official! :)

  4. You have been dressing WAY warmer than we have here in Texas! :-) Found you through Casey! :-) Happy New Year! :-)

  5. Congrats on your business card!! How exciting. And, wow. That bag is huge! haha. I could definitely use that for all the "stuff" I seem to carry around.

    *now your newest follower via greader! :)

  6. In a weird way, I am glad we dont live near eachother! You find all the good stuff!!!!
    I am like you and always buy second hand and noone ever believes me!! You are too cute for words.