May 24, 2013

Sale Ready

Remember how I was on vacation just a week ago? That's a thing of the past.

Since being on summer break from grad school Matt and I are back up north in Port Clinton, Ohio. I'm back at working my summer job of the last five years--jumping right back in where we left off last summer.

This, for me, primarily involves getting a Fair Trade retail store, The World Next Door, up and running by memorial day weekend. We leave the store in September practically empty, so when we check back-in in May there is a ton of inputting of new inventory to get the store in sale ready shape.

So no more of this:

But a lot more of this:

Yet we did find some time for this:

and it's always nice to remember that this is right out the store door:

Store opens at 5pm today! Hoping to be sale ready! :)

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