June 9, 2013

This Place is Home

Living on the lake in the summer is such a treat. If anyone needs a reminder that Ohio is in fact beautiful, then just take a peak at these pictures. Every so often I desire to travel somewhere new and beautiful. I want my eyes to see something that leave me in awe.

And then when I take a moment to step away from summer work or the "Lake Erie" stigma, I'm left with just the 'awe' I was looking for. This place is pretty. This place has a lot to offer and for now, this place is home.

Matt's mom came for a three day visit. Something we've been trying to get her to do for a while. We were really excited to show her the beauty of this area and definitely took advantage of our pretty weather this past week.

If you ever find yourself in Ohio and needing a place to visit consider the islands of Lake Erie. There are several to choose from but the most popular is Put in Bay. Since Mama T had never been we decided to make a day of it. Along with my parents and a golf cart, we had the best day.

So thankful to have family time and explore such a pretty place. 

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  1. admittedly, this isn't how I picture Ohio. My hubby worked at OSU for a year when his mom lived out that way and he didn't remember it that way either. Clearly though, these are stunning.