July 17, 2013

This Week

Just a few pictures to update this week:

Matt got his diploma in the mail! So there is now proof of his master's degree. Go babe, go! So proud of him! 

I'm teaching a freshman course this fall at Ohio University. I'm nurrrrvosssss! But I'm also really excited. The opportunities presented to me through my master's have been so cool. So so cool. Here is the text book I'm starting to read up on. Hopefully I know a thing or two before the fall semester gets here! 

Oh so I wanted a new headshot (or just a nice picture) of myself for my Facebook Photo Page  and my mom got this one of me. Amazing what a nice camera and a good eye can get ya. So thanks mom and thanks new camera! :)

Okay, so this next picture may turn out to be a gem, but I'm just not at that realization yet. Ya' know how it's been horridly hot in most of the country? Well, heat will make you do some crazy things... like buying a kiddie pool and plopping your butt in it. So this was a little bit more of an exciting adventure/idea/activity for Matt, but I went along with it.... until I realized the water was freezing, the flies were biting and we looked ridiculous. My mom took this picture of us and proceeded to post it to Facebook (with out my knowledge) only to find out, the next time I was on, that this picture turned out to be quite the 'hit'. Maybe it's my thrilling expression? Clearly looking as though I've been enjoying the waters of a pool, beach side.... or something like that.

Ali and I went shopping today. Don't we look great in red?

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