August 24, 2014

Call Me Katie

How can summer almost be over?

I can't face this fact. I'm not sure I enjoyed it enough... I didn't take full advantage of the months that I crave all year long.

But here I am, the day before fall semester starts. Tomorrow I start the semester by teaching three courses. I better be ready, because there is really no other option. They better just call me Katie.

In other exciting news, which also makes three courses feel like a lot, I was recently hired as the Coordinator for First Generation Students at Ohio University. I think I'll be busy this fall, and I am extremely happy about this sort of busy! I love college students and I can't wait to start being a part of their experience!

And yet I'm also still keeping busy with my photography. Several weddings and family sessions and senior shoots...

Matt and I sure like to stay busy. Not sure we know any other way to do life.

Here I am, about to be 28, doing lots of things I love. Living in a home I love, in a town we love. It's all shaping up. So I thought we deserved 'this' in year one of marriage (silly me).... ohhh if only we knew back then what we know now. Hard work, moving across the state, time, patience.... it all makes sense now. To be in a place that feels right, at least for today. That's a great place to be in; that's a great feeling.

Right now feels nice.

This weekend also marks our one year adoption anniversary of our pup Gouda. One year with this ornery booger. Not sure if "puppy Gouda" or "toddler Gouda" is easier, but I sure am glad to have him around, and if anything is going to make me frustrated, I don't mind it being his cute face. And he can't be a toddler forever... right? Right??

Tomorrow I become an adjunct college instructor. Shoot.

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  1. Aw your pup is adorable. And congrats on your new job! :)