February 5, 2015

Celebrating Grandma, Everyday

On January 28th we celebrated grandma's birthday. Following recent events that included emergency gallbladder surgery and an unforeseen blood clot causing a stroke... I came up with the following words:

It’s hard for me, as it is for anyone who knows grandma, that she had such a successful gallbladder surgery and yet a complication from a blood clot has caused our happy, outspoken and tech savvy grandma to be in the fight of her life. It doesn’t seem fair, and I’ve tried to find people to blame, but the reality is, this is a low…in a life full of incredible ‘ups’ and occasional ‘downs’.

Greif is not a friend, but a necessary process. And as I journey from shock to blame and settle into sadness, I’m able to say that hope has clung to me. Not all things can be understood today or even tomorrow, but knowing that God never allows tragedy to happen without hope for something brighter, I’m going to nestle right into that bright, warm and sunny place of peace.

We may not know the road grandma has in front of her, but with hope as a constant side-kick, it will be faithful and telling of God's grace and His limitless abilities. God’s not done working on her or through her, and I’m just beyond happy that today we celebrate grandma, we celebrate all of her years, the hard ones, the sad ones, the happy ones and this one, the one that holds immense Hope.

I love my gram and if you wouldn’t mind sending more thoughts and prayers her way on this special birthday, we could not be more thankful!

Think she'll let me borrow her leopard hat?


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