March 2, 2016

Beatrice's Birth Story... Part II...

Who knew?

Not me! I thought I wrapped up Bea's birth story in a single post... as it turns out, there is a part II to this good 'ol birth story.

At nearly three months postpartum I realized that I probably should not still be so achy and uncomfortable. I kept brushing it off knowing that I popped a baby out of my hooha and assumed it's likely that some things could still be recovering. However, knowing in my gut that it would be better to get it checked out, I made an appointment.

Here's the thing, I don't know what's normal but at my 6 week and 10 week check up I was never given a physical examination. They asked if I felt good, I said yes, because I thought I did (aches and pains are normal after birthing a babe, right?) and that was that.

So upon this next visit, I obviously insist on a physical exam. Very quickly I am told, "hm, things don't look right." I come to find out that I have granulated scar tissue from stitches. This where I get unsure of things, long story short:

I was first told that they were polyps from layers of skin getting missed when being stitched up.
Then I was told that I was going to need surgery. 
Surgery under general anesthesia (what?!)
Quite shocked, once home I had a million questions (of course).
I called back insisting that I needed more information and I'd like to speak to the doctor. 
The doctor actually called me to chat (that was nice of her).
I asked my long list of questions--a lot of questions. 
But things still seemed a little off to me.
I chatted with my mom and my boss (ha. normal).
With their support, I decided I needed a second opinion.
Got a second opinion.
Was told that my situation was not polyps but granulated scar tissue.
I did indeed need surgery. 

And that's that. I have surgery in about five days. I'm frustrated, annoyed, anxious... but I suppose it's just a part of my birth story and we know how unique those are. 

I want to blame someone (like the resident who stitched me up or the attending who supervised her) but I'm not sure that's the best use of my time. I have other thoughts about alerting the hospital I delivered at that I feel I possibly did not receive the best care... but I'll know more about how I want to proceed once my mom comes to town for my surgery and supports me in my conversations with my doctor. 

So surgery is on the 7th of March (my original return date to work) so now instead I'm planning on being back to work on March 15th. Not only am I anxious about surgery but I'm on an emotional roller coaster of feelings about returning to work and being away from my baby. I knew this would be hard... but this is harddddd. Prayers appreciated!

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