June 20, 2009

A New Home for My Words

Back on blogger.com. I remember my sophomore or junior year of college, Christian Ethics. We were forced to have a blog on blogger.com. Funny to think it's still out there somewhere, with my silly deep ethical responses to whatever the topic was that day in class. I feel this new blog might be a little less educationally "structured". This is a good thing.

So I have a myspace blog and a hand written journal... but I thought a blog, specifically made to be a blog would do me some good. Primarily when I'm sitting at work, after some crazy encounter with a customer, or insect or some frustrating product we carry, I say to myself "Ha, if I can laugh at this... I should then blog it, so I either continue to laugh to myself or bring some laughter to others out there." So here I am, starting a new written journey. I sure hope I can create a creative place for my thoughts, along with a witty and fun place for all those I dearly care about. So please join me on life's journey. I'm sure boring at times and downright useless at others, I hope to share with many those life lessons I'm currently learning.

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