June 26, 2009


This summer I have been blessed with a really great job. I am working at a store called the World Next Door. At this store we sell all Fair Trade and organic goods. I am loving the interaction with customers and the education that is being offered through my job. Not only do I get to share what I know about Fair Trade, but I am also learning tons from others about fair trade. And I can honestly say, I am loving it.

The family that I work for is just so awesome. The couple that I work for are just great parents. And they have three really cute kids. When I am not working at the World Next Door, I hang out at the cottage and watch the kids. They keep me laughing and they keep me joyful.

I can not express how much of a blessing I feel this job has been. I wanted to share a little of my joy with my blog and even share an image of Lakeside. If you have not been there before, it is a must stop sometime. A great community that has so much beauty.

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