July 31, 2009

crazy July

Crazy month. Time is certainly flying. With so much I would like to blog to simply remember, I have already forgotten most of the reasons to why July has been so crazy. I will attempt to surf my brain back in time.

Matt and I were able to visit Pittsburgh for Matts Dad's birthday. We also made it to a showing of Les Mis in down town Pitt. What a great show that was. Also a really fun get away day or two for Matt and I. Our work schedules continue to be opposite, but we really do try to make the best of the time we are together.

We also recently had engagement photos taken! So excited about this. My friend Doug from high school did the photos and I really enjoyed myself, and I am so thankful for Doug and his fiancee for driving up to P.C. to take our pics! We are really pumped to see the pics!

Matt and I also booked plane tickets to travel to... Isle of the Palms, South Carolina. I am so excited. And if time continues to fly like it has, then the trip will be here before we know it! It will be a wonderful get away with Matt's very wonderful family friends.

In addition to all of the fun excitement, my car (who I have named Betty) is in the process of dying. Unfortunately this will be a great expense to me and to the future of Matt and I. Ugh. Not the ideal 'need' when trying to plan a wedding. But a new car will be quite exciding.

So I know there is more that I am missing from this crazy July, but I am having trouble remembering it all. But I am happy, I am busy, but I am happy. And I will never take that for granted.

Not to mention....I have a count down to our wedding, and we are finally under the 450 day mark. woot. :) ha... soooo far away.

Our God is so good.

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