July 4, 2009

Lights in the Sky

The 4th of July today, it really is a fun time of the year. So many picnics and parades, hot dogs and burgers... can't beat the American tradition.

Actually as I write this lovely blog, I sit in my sun room watching some grown 30 year old men (neighbors, who only visit once a year. That being the 4th of July) blow up 1,000 some dollars worth of fireworks. It's nice to get the pretty show, however frightening at their lack of expertise when it comes to fire, flames and explosives. It doesn't help that they are all seven sheets to the wind. Fun night on Dubbert.

But really, it is a fun night. Beautiful and everyone seems to have no care in the world. I worked today, enjoyed a parade at Lakeside and tons of tourists. As usual I loved my day of work. Hardly a complaint, and I love not being able to annoy myself with complaining. I am genuinely blessed to have the job I do.

We have all had quite a busy last couple weeks. Matt was able to attend the Creation Festival as a youth leader for his home church. By him being gone for a week it allowed me some time to plan a fun birthday for him when he returned. On the evening of his first day back I had planned a surprise birthday party for him. Of course I could not have pulled it off if it wasn't for the help of my parents, love me. I pulled together some creative ideas for birthday gifts and surprised Matt with them. I painted his stairs to his house, white and clean, making them look 50 years younger. I also set up his fish tank and bought 7 gold fish. So he is now a proud papa of some sweet roommates. Ma and I also created a "cheese" cake for Matt, trying our hardest to make it look like real cheese, I think we suceeded for not knowing anything about what we were doing. In the evening we had some friends in the area come over our house and surprise Matt with a fun evening of friends and laughter. My bosses even came, who happen to have the coolest kids ever. We let one of them experiment with the fish-eye lens... and got some pretty hysterical pictures. All in all it was a really really great day. And most importantly my future husband turned 24...I can't wait to spend every single birthday with him from here on out :)

Next is our fun busy week, Matt and I took a road trip down to Bluffton. Enjoyed tons of fun with Bluffton friends, ate at the Pub and really just enjoyed being back where we love so much. We even got some sweet steals at the thrift store down there.... 20 some vases for 6 bucks! woot.

This summer is just flying by, but it really has turned out to me such a great point in my life. Come off such a crazy past year, I can not be more thankful for my family, Matthew, my friends, my job and of course the never ending love of Jesus. At work this past week, Jessie, my bosses daughter (4yrs old) told me... "Katie did you know that Jesus loves you? That he loves you all the time?" What a beautiful reminder. Can't get more genuine and more simple that come from a 4 year old.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have choosen to pour on me. May I never forget to thank you.

Happy Fourth to all!


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