June 27, 2009

Another Beautiful Day

Another great day at Lakeside. I worked a long day, but enjoyed all the customers and the great weather. We got in a popular product today, "Poo Poo Paper", made from elephant poo poo. Everyone gets a good laugh at it and I get the chance to repeat myself several times in one day, "Yes, it really is made from poop".

Which reminds me, a few weeks ago I was put in charge of making signs throughout the shop explaining what certain products are. We had just received Spun Bamboo Organic shirts and I was excited to be creative with the font. I grabbed the super cool thin point Sharpies and began drawing the letters to look like stalks of bamboo. Once I completed the sign I got the sticky tact out and began hanging up my work of art. ha. Something looked a bit off so I looked at the words a bit closer and discovered that I had just written: "Spun Bamoo Shits".

Whew, so glad I caught that one. Lucky I found the mistake before a customer did and later I shared my inability to write with my boss and he thought it was funny. I have since double checked all my other signs, just to make sure...

I'm off tomorrow, which will be nice. Because today at one point there were 15, 10 year olds girls in my tiny shop, making ridiculous noises, along with four older women, all wearing powerful grandma perfume. The customer demographics I just described is one reason I will love my day off. Not to mention I could use the time to be creative and plan Matt's Bday which is on Tuesday.

Matt is currently at the Creation Festival in Shirleysburg, PA. He has been gone for almost a week and I sure am looking forward to him coming home in a couple days. Just in time for us to celebrate his 24th Bday together. I have known Matt for 5 birthdays now and I have never actually ever seen him on his bday. So I hope to make this one a lot of fun for him.

So much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to. What an Awesome and Mighty God we have. I just pray I never loose sight of that.

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