September 12, 2009

The Speed of Life:

Sheesh, time is flying. I never thought I would think that time was literally whirling past me at such high speeds. I remember just this last spring when every day felt like forever and I was counting down the days till May. And now, here I am half way through September.

I need to stop and smell the Roses.

Life has been good. Matt and I went on and awesome trip to the Isle of the Palm, S.C. With Matt's best friend's family. We had such an amazing time. I really can't express how much fun it was and how needed it felt to just hang out with good friends and enjoy the sunshine. Is was the first time that Matt and I have flown somewhere together and it being just the two of us. It really was a great time.

Our trip was in mid August and once we got back from the relaxing trip we hit the ground running. Both of us had to take off five days of work in order to go to the beach, therefore once we returned to 'real' life we both worked a ton. I would have to say that our schedules really don't match up at all. I work days and Matt works 2nd shift. That is why the trip felt wonderful and coming home didn't... haha

So since we have both been working like crazy, every chance we actually get to see each other really is special. I love that he only lives 2 miles from me, the only problem is that we both are rarely ever actually within 2 miles of each other because of work. But let me say that work is a gift and something to be terribly thankful for. And there may be many times I have to remind myself of that, but to work is so Godly and very biblical. It really helps to create who we are and gives us a sense of worth and purpose.

This would probably explain why last spring was such a terrible chapter in my life. Being unemployed was so hard for me, just as I know it is for millions of other people out there right now who don't have a job. My heart goes out to those who are desperate to work and to serve.

Speaking of jobs, the World Next Door job is slowing ending. We have now switched over to only weekends. I started to worry about this a few weeks ago. Worrying is so silly, yet always sneaks it's way in. However only a day or so after really realizing that I would soon be jobless again...and dreading that chapter in my life, in fear of repeating its self, I received a phone call. I got a job working in a special needs classroom. I work with students who have moderate to severe disabilities. It was really quite overwhelming at first, but I am now loving it. These students warm my heart up, they truly have found a spot in my heart I never knew I had. These children of God are such gifts... and I am so happy and thankful I have had a chance to learn that through direct interaction.

So here I am with a job and a smile on my face. I am so grateful and so thankful. I never thank the Lord enough. If only I could find ways to be in constant thanks for this life I have been given.

With feeling good about having a job I can now more enjoyably plan more aspects of the wedding! Matt and I are now 10 months away from being married. That seems so crazy to me. I'm quite sure that this fall season will just fly by, and then it will be Christmas. And according to the wedding time line, 'save the dates' need to be sent out 6 months prior to the wedding. Looks like we have some creating to do. I really am excited to be able to create, plan, and see this wedding come to life.

So Matt and I are staying focused on work and trying to find time for each other. I have a feeling this fall is going to be wonderful as will many many other seasons of my life resting right on the horizon. :)

I am posting some pictures of this past month. Enjoy.

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