August 18, 2010

The Summer that Flew By...

So talk about a summer that seemed to be here and then gone. I know that we still have technically a month left of summer, however my summer comes to an end next week. We start school again!

I will say that I just loveee my school job! I am in the same classroom as last year and working with a lot of the same students. To get the news that I would be working with this class again made me more than thrilled. I loved my experiences last school year and I feel God has just as many planned for this year!

So I am wrapping up a summer of working in the fair trade store in Lakeside. That too is a great job. To be able to learn and then educate others about fair trade is great. I love that people want more knowledge and want to help. But I will also mention that there are some who could careless where or how our products were made. This is hard, because that defeats the entire purpose of our store or of any other fair trade organization. It's just as much about education as it is sustainability for the artists and crafts people. They need us to know their story and to retell their story... it's their stories that will help us all have bigger hearts and better understandings of the terrible state so many people are in in our own world. So though I enjoy working the World Next Door, I am also excited to not work with customers as much. I really get a great change of pace in my two jobs. I love that my kiddos at school really appreciate the small things in life...and their love is so apparent.

Port Clinton High School starts next week and though I am not pumped about 6:30 am wake ups... I am excited to be done by 3pm. And to have my weekends back once we close down the fair trade store in mid October. Matt and I are absolutely in love with being married. I'm still blown away by what a gift it is! One thing we do long for though is to both have weekday nights and weekends off. And I know we are young, and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to make money. But we do crave a 'normal' schedule, to be able to come home in the evening and watch TV together or to cook together... or walk together. You name it, we want it :) But we know what patience is and we are trying are best to practice such a thing. Matt and I have both applied for a couple jobs that would help us financially and/or give us better working hours. It is always my hope that it's God's will that will be done. We trust that He knows what is best for us and we are willing to do what He wants us to do. After all we have made it this far and we are quite blessed.

So here is to the next season of this year. What a great one it has been already. Can't wait to see what else is in store for us!

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