August 29, 2011

Day 1 of the "New Life"

Matt got up bright and early this morning to make a 7 min. drive to campus. Today was day one of orientation. Today we find out a lot more about everything. I will soon know what to expect when it comes to the demands that will be on Matt for graduate school. I have been trying to prepare myself for him to be crazy busy.

Transitioning roles have always been hard on me. I LOVE working, well I love working and socializing and feeling like I am making a difference in society somehow. But here I am, starting my first week of being unemployed and without my husband home. I think I am finding ways to stay busy, but it's only day one and I am slightly worried how I will stay busy over the long term. I have no idea when and where God has plans for me next, but I do hope it is something social and something I really enjoy doing. So if anyone has some room on a prayer list... add me to it, my sanity is at risk :)

First day of school, backpack and all.

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