August 31, 2011


So both Matt and I know that the transition to Athens will take some time (obviously)... But Matt's transition will probably be a tad quicker than mine. He is meeting a lot of new people everyday, all day and well.... I don't even have a neighbor to talk to just yet :)

So as he is rapidly embraced by his cohort and the graduate community I am trying hard to find a job or ways to connect. Maybe even more so for the social aspect than even for the money. We also hope to make church a large part of our time here in Athens. We hope that his schedule will allow us to go to church together and often. I think this will really help me build some connections and relationships. We have tried a church called Central Avenue Church a couple times now. And we really like it. They do cater quite a bit to the Ohio University school population and we have even heard they have a small group for graduate students. So maybe a few people more our age and in similar situations to us.

So while giving a tour of the area... I swung by the church and snapped a pic for you all to see. Along with the church's website for those that may be interested.

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