September 26, 2011

Meet Our New "Home"

We live a duplex. We are on the right and our neighbor is on the left. Our neighbor is very quiet (one single middle aged man), and we mostly never know when he is around. Such a change from our former house.
Our cute little duplex. We are located on a hill, the road up to our driveway is so steep. Weird to have hills... I even get car sick when driving the country roads.

Walking into our living room from our front door.

Guest bedroom.


Don't our floors look so nice?

Even have some roses from my birthday :)

Our bedroom


Hallway walking to the bedrooms and bathroom

Same hallway but walking back towards kitchen/livingroom

 So it's nothing huge or fabulous, but it is starting to feel like home a bit. I do often miss our first place and the space we had there. But this is an excellent "2nd Home" for Matt and I. :) We even hear tons of 'nature' outside our windows. A little different from our stay in downtown Port Clinton. But I don't get me wrong... I miss home. But Athens will do for now.

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