September 26, 2011

PawPaw Festival

Wondering what a PawPaw is? I was too, before we found ourselves at the PawPaw festival. A couple weekends ago Matt and I drove south about 10 mins. and found out exactly what the strange fruit was. We had heard from many of Matt's coworkers that this was one festival that we should try to get to. Matt and I are always up for some fun so we wanted to see what it was all about. It was a beautiful day. Turned out to be quite warm in the sun and perfectly chilly in the shade.

Lots of pawpaw plants for sale.

Pawpaws.  Banana like taste. Known as the Appalachian papaya.

Selling and teaching about pawpaws. five dollars a pound.

Bought our tickets and cups for beer.

PawPaw beer! Matt had a real hoppy beer and mine was a blueberry pawpaw beer. Just okay, but fun to try.

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  1. So, funny story. I was at the local veggie stand today and saw a sign for pawpaws! I was unsure of what this fruit was and the lady said that they were good so I decided to try them. So we had our first encounter with pawpaws today! We like them...kind of like avocado texture with banana taste....definitely different :) So funny that we've recently shared the same new experience. Only ours didn't include a festival with snakes ;)