September 16, 2011

Our Children

Matt and I look forward to a lot of things that will come later in life... such as:

1. A dog. We often talk about the type of dog we would like, and would love to have one now, however it would cost us a $300 non refundable deposit to our landlady to have a dog in our apartment. Then the cost of the dog, the vet, the food.... the everything. So no dog.

2. A baby. Same reasoning as above but X's a 1, 000 when it comes to mulah. (oh and it's just not the right time).

3. iphones.

So what have we decided to dedicate our energy and care giving skills to? Well, a Chia Pet of course. Actually it's Matt's Chia Pet, he takes care of him entirely. I just laugh at him as he sits above the sink while I do the dishes.

He is bald. Can't get the man to grow hair on the top of his head. bummer.
Oh and Matt has an herb garden. Look at the love for the sunlight.

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