September 30, 2011

So What Exactly Isss Matt Doing? Part II

When my parents visited we made sure to take them on tour of the school that we are quickly learning and navigating, one of the stops was in Matts' office. With Matt's graduate schooling he is also a Graduate Assistant, I've mentioned this previously but will briefly explain... Matt is required to work 20 hrs. a week as a graduate assistant in the Peer Health office of the Campus Involvement Center. Matt spends his time working as the Alcohol Assessment and Awareness Graduate Assistant. I'm not entirely sure of all his responsibilities but it does constitute him having a desk and looking professional :)

We stopped in while touring my parents around and I convinced Matt that I needed pictures of him at his desk. I'm sure I embarrass him often... but I'm committed to revealing our experiences while in Athens on this blog. So for you... whoever reads this... I have provided you with a sneak peak into the life of Matt Thomson, Alcohol Assessment and Awareness GA at the largest drinking school in the country...

Baker Student Union. This is a newer facility and pretty unbelievable in size and 'grandness'. This is where Matt works. 3rd floor to be exact.
Matt's office front
He even has keys!
Matt at his desk. They were doing something with literature bags for one of the undergraduate classes Matt is an assistant for.
The view from his office door. Baker has four flights of escalators to get you from the bottom of the hill to the top. Pretty high traffic area.

Showing my parents around :)

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