September 30, 2011

A New Job... so quickly from the last, let me explain...

So I thought I would briefly explain why there has been such a quick change in my employment. Without getting to involved and maintaining respect for the daycare position I was offered, I will try to explain how and why I am now working in the Admissions Office at Ohio University.

A couple weeks ago I interview for a daycare position and was offered the position of a teachers assistant in a toddler classroom. I had one orientation day, full of paper work and information about the position I would be starting. That day I had also received a job offer working at the university for a 3 months position in an office. Because I wanted to stay committed to the daycare I decided to decline the offer. I then went to the orientation having high hopes that I had made the right decision. I left feeling as though I had not. ugh. There were high demands and additional responsibilities (other than child care) at the daycare that made me feel unsatisfied. Particularly with the very low pay. I know very well that childcare or care giving in general is not a high paying job, but I felt as though this job would take more out of me than it was giving me.

I continued to 'sleep on it' for the night but by the next morning I knew that I was not at peace with the child care position. So that next morning I called back my contact at the University to see if the position she had offered me was still available, it was not (I expected it to already be filled), however she revealed to me that three more positions were going to be opening in the next week and she believed I would be qualified and potentially asked to be interviewed. With that little bit of hope, I decided to inform the daycare that I decided not to proceed with the their employment opportunity. I hated that phone call/email (I had trouble getting in touch with them), but those conversations are always awkward. But I knew I wanted to inform them as soon as possible in order for them to find someone else to fill the position. So I took a risk and declined a job for no grantee. And I felt so much better about it once I made that decision.

I hung tight for about five days and heard from the University position this past Monday. I interviewed on Tuesday morning and was offered the position last night! And now I start on Tuesday October 4th. My building is not far from Baker, where Matt will be most days, meaning we can meet up for lunch :) Lunch dates in the middle of the work day... best idea ever! We may even be able to car pool together occasionally. even better.

I'm glad I waited it out a little longer and didn't settle for something that I was not entirely thrilled with. I now love the idea of being a part of the University and going there each day with the option of also 'bumping' into my husband. I can say I'm thrilled.

Chubb Hall, where I will be working.

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