September 3, 2011

So What Exactly Isss Matt Doing?

So we upped and moved... but for what? I assure you... good things, great things! Matt and I have now known each other for... 7 years? We have been best friends for all but one 'semester' of those years :) And how did we become great friends? Well, we hung out a lot with all our other wonderful friends, but we also spent a lot of time being involved with campus stuff. One organization in particular was PALS (Peer Awareness Leaders). We targeted topics related to safe and healthy choices, ranging from healthy body imagine to safe sex and so on. By our Junior and Senior year Matt and I were both Steering Committee leaders of the group and really had a great time with it. This is just one thing that sparked Matt's interest (and mine as well) with campus involvement and the pursuit of Higher Education as a career option. Matt went on to also lead the Campus Involvement Program called MCB, planning tons of fun activities for students.

So a few years later Matt is now fulfilling a 'dream' of sorts. He was accepted and now has started his program in Higher Education called: College Student Personnel. It has another fancier name that is longer and more specific (I can't remember it right now) but it basically means he will always be working on a university. Matt has spent his past week diving into his program and more specifically his assistantship. Matt's assistantship is called Alcohol Programming, Assessment and Evaluation (Under Health Promotions in the Campus Involvement Center). Remember... at Ohio University, the school that was just named the largest party school in the country. But with that little title set aside... Matt has a really cool job.

Last night was a big welcoming celebration night for OU freshman with something called The Bobcat Bash. This was prime opportunity for Health Promotions and other campus organizations to take advantage of the freshman's brief attention span. What was even cooler... was that I was invited along to help and to see Matt and the other Graduate Assistants in action... so here is a sneak peak at what Matt's first event as a CSP student looked like. And let me tell you, a tad different from our experience at Bluffton. The incoming freshman class at OU consists of 4,500 some students. 18 times the size of a Bluffton incoming class. This was quite a production.

Matt's Alcohol Team for the Bobcat Bash! This use to be us... now he gets to be in charge! Pretty cool :)

Being this was the Alcohol Education table they were in charge of handing out drinks. Drinks in koozies that say "Stop at the Buzz"

Matt Matt hard at work
Lots and Lots of Soda
Drunk goggles used to simulate being "several drinks in"... he is suppose to be walking on the red line. This was my form of entertainment for the majority of the night. Bluffton use to have these... someone stole them. boo. 
Like I said, really entertaining. 
Can anyone guess what this booth was educating about? Safe Sex y'all.
Why not get a picture with your head in a Penis? 
Some fellow GA's in Matt's program. I think so anyway... 

Pretty consistent crowd all night.
OU owns their own
Oh and they had Searchlights.
And a sweet set up for a dance party, however there were not that many dancers. But this venue looks sweet, and the DJ was sweet. Oh the perks of large school funding!

 So that is a snapshot of the evening. I was told that I was invited to pretty much any of the events Matt works. So maybe I will be able to post additional photos in the future for all our family and friends who are wondering whats keeping Matt so busy.

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