September 2, 2011

Happy 1 Year and 1 Month and 8 Days?

So as our One Year Anniversary was approaching, I was quite excited about the wedding cake we were going to get to eat! Ya know, the cake I barely got to taste on my wedding day because everything is so insanely busy and blurred and fantastic?

Guess what we forgot to do on our anniversary? Eat cake!

Well when we finally remembered, we were very interested in this cake top that my family so perfectly packed up for us in Saran Wrap, foil and an old plastic sherbert container over a year ago (one year, one month and 8 days ago, to be exact). And guess what? Their packaging skills worked great! We weren't sure it would taste all that good... we feared freezer burn and very dry cake, but it wasn't. It wasn't at all... It was YuMmY!

We fed each other, because that is what you do with wedding cake. And then I tried to tear Matt away, but it was just delicious.
He looks hesitant with his first bite...

I guess I do too.
Pretty good :)

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