September 20, 2011

This Post Will Talk About My PreBirthday Fun!

So this past Sunday, my grandparents came to visit, well and my parents too!

We were gifted my Aunt Mary and Uncle Lee's old mattress and box spring. Something that we needed badly for our guest bedroom. The thought of providing a bed for people to sleep in that did not have springs poking out, was a nice one :) But we had an issue on how we were going to get them here to Athens. My very wonderful grandparents decided that they would put the bed in their mini van and drive down to visit for the day. So on Sunday, my parents and grandparents arrived to our place! We had a nice day watching the Browns win and eating creme puffs to celebrate my birthday! But then my grandparents had to head on home. So for them, they had a day filled with dearly 8hrs. of driving. All for me :) How wonderful and nice it was!

Here are some pics of our afternoon. Not sure if you have ever had homemade cream puffs, but they are the best. My mom has been making them for me for my birthday as long as I can remember. Cake is good, but cream puffs are great!

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