October 12, 2011

Working in Admissions

Ohio University is a big school. As you might know. And now I am learning the process of how these students get to OU: through admissions. What a process it is. A neat one at that. But in starting my new job, like most new jobs, there was a ton to learn! My brain was fried just after my first morning of training. I was wondering how I would ever learn how to operate the computer programs that I needed to so easily navigate in order to do my job and to do it efficiently. A week and a day later... and I can say I am doing quite well! I never thought I would pick it all up so easily, but I proven myself wrong.

It turns out that if you have to learn something in order to maintain a job, you will do it quite quickly. And after being 'thrown' into the pile of applications and transcripts, I learned pretty fast. I had to. And I was not alone. Several of us in the Undergraduate Admissions are new, so it was a whole lot less intimidating when we were all asking the same questions. I really enjoy the office and the people I work with. The work itself it very tedious and demands long periods of focus. All while staring at a computer screen most of the day. This was a hard transition for me having never had a desk job before. But I am finding some joy in the change of pace. I do leave feeling mentally exhausted and look forward to some time away from the computer. Another reason I have failed at posting blogs lately.

But there are also some really great perks to this job:

Matt and I get to drive to work together most days! I love it! It feels so good to wake up and leave together. And then for most of the work day we are just a couple buildings apart. We eat lunch together almost everyday as well. Can't get much better than that. Lunch dates are the best. I am so thankful for this job and I am also really glad that I took a risk, passed on the other job and held out for this one. God is faithful and I do believe he knew exactly what I needed. I also learned that feeling peace about a decision is a great indicator for what's right. Though those feelings can so easily be 'misfelt' or overpowered by unnecessary anxiety. Something I am really good at allowing to happen. So we are getting into this routine and really enjoying the structure it provides.

In other recent news:

This past week we had the chance to purchase a Morkie puppy. The price was right and I could not have been happier (this is a breed I have always loved). However, once contacting our landlord we (responsibly, boo) concluded that her pet fee for the apartment and cleaning expectations would have made a really well priced dog, quickly a really pricey dog. It broke my heart. I was already picturing myself with this pup and was so excited about this 'big' decision we had made to expand our family. I know that this just must not have been our pup, but I'm still fighting my doggie desires. Just so you can all see why my heart melted at first sight and then why I'm still struggling to come to terms with my puppy-less house... here is a picture or two:

This is Rusty.

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