October 12, 2011

Mrs. T visits!

After deciding not to take the day care position a few weeks back.... I spent a week unemployed before I landed my current job. So when Matt calls home and tell his mom about my unexpected free time... she gets excited and says that she wants to visit! Perfect! Having visitors Monday-Friday prevented me from getting discouraged by my stay at home status. So I was all about hosting a friend. It happened to be a week that Matt was super busy, like most weeks. But it provided some really great daughter-in-law/mother-in-law visiting.

During her visit lots of cooking took place along with lots of delicious eating. We gave her a tour of campus and showed her the Ridges. We ate out at a restaurant we had been wanting to try and enjoyed some walking of Court Street. On a long night of classes for Matt, Mrs. T and I drove to a nearby town for an afternoon drive where we found ice cream (in a meat market, ha.), the Ohio River and cute stores to browse. It is easy to say that we had a lovely week and both Matt and I look forward to Mr. and Mrs. T's visit in a little over a week.

Ice cream, the Ohio River and West Virgina just across the way

A pretty fall sky and the bridge to West Virginia

Matt and his Mama! :)

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