November 25, 2011

Long Time, No Chat

It's been a while since my last post, and when I decided to blog again (a few months back)... I swore I would be good at it. Poop. So here I am with a ton of pictures and stories that need to be told. In a quick whirlwind of the second half of Matts fall quarter I will try to document our fall in Athens. Not only to share what we have been up to, but so we can look back at this blog, years from now, and know just exactly what we were up to.

So here we go:

Matt and I enjoyed Ohio Universities Homecoming by taking advantage of some of the festivities. We had a beautiful sunny weekend, which helped with our decision making in attending the outdoor events. We started off with a Saturday morning parade down Court Street. It was a great parade solely because of how great the marching band is. The OU band, Marching 110, is amazing, but what I found to be even cooler was the alumni band. Not only was the alumni band huge, but these former students were just as passionate about playing, marching and dancing as the current band members. You could just see how much fun they were having and the memories they were reliving. Pretty awesome to see people so moved by something that was such a huge part of their lives so many years before.  Made me miss playing the cello. ha.

After the homecoming parade we headed over to a tail gate party/cookout put on by the Student Personnel Association (Matt's College Student Personnel "club"). There we got some yummy food and got to hang out with some friends in Matt's cohort. The sunshine and laughter was great :)

Some of Matt's Cohort, Class of 2013

Some time in the week or so following Homecoming Matt and I went to a Janelle Monae concert. She is pretty cool (even though I had not heard of her before. whoops.) but we were really excited to find out that the band Fun. is an updated version of the band the Format. The Format was a fav of Matt and mines, so when we heard that the lead singer of the Format is now the lead singer of Fun. we knew it was going to be a show we wanted to see. Here are some pictures of that fun night...

Then... sometime near the end of October, Matt's parents came for a visit! We had a great weekend. Enjoyed some sunshine, pumpkin picking and church. So nice and wonderful to get company in Athens. Yes, you are invited too!

After picking out a few pumpkins, I got inspired to do something a little different with our orange gourds this year. Carving is fun, but I'm obsessed with spray paint.... so spray paint it was:

The weekend of Halloween we headed north. Matt was asked by the CIC to DJ a Halloween event at the club. We are suckers for a fun party and good music (not to mention all the great people we got to see....Matt loves his work family. And I love that he is so loved by them.) So we packed my car and full as possible and hit the road. Ugh, four hours is just too far away. Not a fan of that drive. But we did love our very very short trip home. We DJ'ed on a Friday night and headed back to Athens on Saturday night to work the big Athens Halloween party. Busy weekend indeed. In our DJ travel pics... look at hour Barbra travels... 

The set up for the party went well and we had a pretty sweet looking Halloween Party. 

And then we worked the famous Athens Halloween party, and actually had a pretty good time. We also looked pretty good: :)

So that was our first quarter in Athens. And now we are on Christmas break. I'll update soon with why we decided to come home for break. The last couple weeks in Athens before break were pretty rough on me. Struggling with some health issues, and we just don't have answers yet... but being home is 'oh so nice. Family can cure a lot of I'm headed in the right direction :).

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