December 4, 2011


Yep, oh so much to be thankful for.

Recently I have not been feeling well, not sure if it is entirely due to my thyroid condition, or if life has just caused me some uncomfortable symptoms: anxiety, fear... ya know...the 'unfriendlies' of life. And I know that my thyroid issues cause a lot of anxiety type symptoms... but regardless of whether its caused by my failing thyroid or my brain, it still doesn't feel good and often times it can be hard to see past the 'sick' days to the healthier days. But when those days of feeling completely at peace, calm, with no headache, and an appetite... I can't be more thankful. I truly never want to take health for granted. I'd like to think that I have been fortunate to learn what a gift health is at a young age, because it truly does make my healthy days fantastic. And then it makes me think about all those who have far more serious conditions, and many with life ending illness. I don't. I have the opportunity to live life beautifully messy...and I plan I doing that.

Not to mention, I am now seeing a specialist (endocrinologist), who is hopeful in making sure my thyroid hormones are where they need to be and hopeful in getting me feeling better. And ya know, hope is a wonderful thing to have. I know I'll be healed.

So back to being thankful. I sure am. For oodles and oodles of things. The list could possibly be endless. What a wonderful holiday to celebrate. One with no strings attached... just time together created to love the people you are with. And that's exactly what Matt and I did. I didn't get a good picture of my families Thanksgiving, not to mention my family is huge, and the task of whole family pictures rarely happens. But we did get a nice family picture with the Thomson's.

So thankful for a faithful Lord who has given me e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. everything.

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