January 23, 2012


You ever have those dreams that keep you a tiny bit terrified even after waking? I recently had one of those dreams. I even asked Matt if I was crying in my sleep. He said I was not, but I sure was in my dream. It was one of those dreams where all the perfections of real life were being stripped away from me and there was not a single thing I could do to prevent it from happening. I even remembering turning to my mom in the dream and asking her if she would be able to "figuratively pick me and my broken heart up off the floor once I had been stripped of all I had known". Wow. It was a dream that once awake, allowed me to thank the Heavens above for all that I have. To look at Matt in a new light, and the simple reminder to never take anything for granted. What a powerful dream.

So after spending some time cuddling with my husband, the raw emotion and the desire to bust out crying fled. Though I hope I don't have that dream ever again, I am thankful for the perspective it has given me.

So to continue the topic of dreaming.... have you recently seen the commercials for Honda where they talk about finishing their "Leap List" before they get married or have children? The commercials have really struck me, considering all the bullet points Matt and I have on our own "Leap List".


Here is my take on our "Leap List". Matt's probably varies or at least has more to add, but for me... these are a few things I would love to do with Matt before a baby:
  • Go on a mission trip together
  • Buy a home
  • Have another Honeymoon
  • Work out together regularly
  • Travel out west
  • Take Matt to Acadia, Maine (where I spent a summer working)
  • Visit as many National Parks as we can
  • Find a church family
  • Get master degrees
...and many more as I think of them.

So will our leap list ever get finished? Probably not. But do look forward to crossing off as many as possible? Absolutely.

I enjoy the opportunity to dream. (Preferably not like my dream mentioned up above) :)

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