January 3, 2012

Good Results!

So I have not updated in a while... no news is, usually, good news!

Anddd... my biopsy results came back fairly good. The nodule read as non-cancerous. Woot. However, the other sampling of my thyroid tissue came back "inconclusive" but with multifollicular findings. Apparently these findings can sometime indicate a future cancerous thyroid. Additionally, my blood test revealed a higher thyroglobulin number. Again, this can indicate something might be up with my thyroid. But my doctors, I have two that are working on my case, feel I am okay for the time being. They have scheduled another ultrasound for June (6 months out) and a couple more blood works in between now and then.  As for my medication, my former doctor wanted me on 120mg of Armour Thyroid each day, the specialists concluded that he was over medicating me (over dosing) which may have caused my initial anxiety symptoms. They now have me on 60mg a day. Literally half of what the other doctor wanted me at... and to think he was the one who was the naturalist. sheesh.

So anyway, I should be headed in the right direction. A quick update on my biopsy spot on my neck... I think that I now can feel or notice the nodule more than before they stuck me with a big needle. It also created a tiny scar tissue spot under the skin. I'm sure it will go away over time, but interesting how the spot draws my attention, at least when I touch my neck, not really by sight.

I will also mention that Matt and I are back in Athens. Matt has started school again and I am helping out/working in his office for the time being. Athens is a tricky place for me... I don't love it. I'm struggling with being back and struggling to keep my anxiety in check. I feel like I'm just wandering here. I don't have the connections Matt does, I don't have friends of my own and I don't have my own 'thing' going on here. Don't get me wrong, I know my purpose in being here is to support Matt and to be his rock, but funny how right now he is my rock. I hate to think I put extra stress on him with my lack of love for this place, but I know he must feel awful when I don't feel great.

So for any of my family and friends out there that read my blog, please pray for me and Matt. Help us/me to discover my purpose in Athens. Help me to find joy in this place, and maybe even a friend or two :). Because this is home for a while. Pray for peace and for my brain to stop over thinking. Silly brain.

Thanks all! :)

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