December 16, 2011

Christmas is All Around Us...

Everywhere you look... I can feel it in my fingers, I can feel it in my toes...

Lots and lots of gift wrapping, baking and cooking have been taking place at my moms house the past few days. I have gone through two rolls of tape and finished up about 3 rolls of Christmas paper. I'm sure they were not all full, but we did do a ton of wrapping. I have also been enjoying my mom's sugary treats that come out of the kitchen. I have no problem being a taste tester and actually my dad and I have gotten in trouble for snatching. But it's a great feeling to be home for Christmas, wrapping presents, eating yummy food and anticipating our family get togethers. Not to mention how nice it all is to keep my mind off my doctors appointment on Thursday.

At this next doctors appointment I will get results about my thyroid biopsy. Statistics show that Thyroid cancer is very rare. Most nodules are not cancerous and in most cases they will just keep an eye on any sort of growth from the nodule. But I also have to mention that my sister, Tam, was not included in the "most cases". She had Thyroid cancer and had to endure an invasive surgery, and she had to take Radioactive Iodine after the cancer was removed that left her in isolation for almost a week. So it does happen. People you know and care about do fall into the 5%. Which had me thinking how lucky I am to have the health I do. In almost every other aspect of health, I am great. I can walk, and run, dance, swim, write, work... I can do it all.

And then I think about what it would be like to hear the doctor say that they need to do something serious about my Thyroid. Because in my mind things like that don't actually happen to me... just the people you read about on the internet or the stories I hear my sister tell. But maybe it is my next story, my next adventure, my next lesson God has had planned all along. No matter what the doctor says on Thursday, I know I still will be able to walk out of the office...with the ability to speak, walk, run...I'll still have it all.

So those are my "pop up" thoughts I have through out the day. But I assure you I have plenty of entertainment to keep me from dwelling on such silly thoughts...

Entertainment such as my dad trying to find out why a window is leaking. A window that is over the stairwell... that needed a creative yet highly unsafe way to view the window. This is what I walked in on:

This was not the safest idea, but it did work, and he is even smiling. Oh dad...

And then there is my Moxy... she has been the best cuddle animal. At a nice age of 12 she is getting slow and achy, but boy do I love her.
Home has been so good. Matt's home in Pittsburgh and my home in Port Clinton. We are thoroughly enjoying our time! Home holds all of my favorite things. I even got a chance to visit my old job today at Port Clinton High School. I just loved that job so much. It was great seeing everyone, but boy do I miss what I had there. Great friends, wonderful students, and a meaning. I am thankful for being able to visit, and hug and laugh with some really lovely ladies. Oh and I got a hug from Ali. One of her big infamous huge hugs. The best ones. :)

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