January 23, 2012


You know the place that holds a million memories, the people you love dearly and the familiarity of comfort. Well that's what home is for me, and guess what? Home is not Athens. Matt and I fully intended on making Athens home. Staying through the summer, finding friends outside of the school, becoming members of a church, and me finding a killer job.

Well it hasn't worked out that way. Finding a job in tiny ol' Athens has not proven easy and the job I held before break in undergrad admissions was only a temporary job and nothing to keep me here over the summer. The church we had been going to has not really clicked with us and our ability to meet people outside of the school realm has not proven easy either. It's kinda funny to think you will have it all planned out and expect it to actually go that way. I would say I was being hopeful that all would work out as planned and we would fall in love with Athens, truly making it home. But God's plans tend to be much better.

Matt was offered an internship back home (Catawba Island Club) on the lake and I was asked to take care of Ali (my best friend) again this summer as well. Both of these opportunities are things we love, so we will find ourselves back 'home' come June. I do realize that 'home' for me may differ from 'home' for Matt. You see... Port Clinton is where my family is, but it is also where our work families are and our first 'home' together as a married couple. I find comfort and familiarity in the small lakeside town of P.C. Matt does hint that he enjoys P.C. though, and he often mentions liking the idea of raising kids near water. Where we can make a sunset boat exertion a normal event, and where our kids can learn to sail in addition to playing soccer.

We are not sure where we will end up after graduate school, but we do desire to be closer to home. And maybe, just maybe there will be a job set aside for Matt near 'home' allowing us to make Lake Erie our home.

And if you need a visual to see where my love of Port Clinton comes from...these should help:

Meet my home.

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