January 17, 2012

Murder Mystery

Have you ever done a murder mystery party? We hadn't! So we were really excited when we were invited to one! Matt's second family, the Rave's, hosted a murder at sea mystery party! Matt and I laughed the whole night. Or maybe Matt was not laughing, but he was making everyone else laugh until we cried and almost pee'd.

My character was an author with a strong dislike for Kelsey's character. Matt was a gambler with a Bulgarian accent. The accent would be why we were all laughing so hard, all night :)

Thanks for a fun night Raves!

The Raves Family. :)
Kelsey and Jon :)

Brian and Kristen

Oh, just us.

Prom pose

I was suppose to be an author with a strong like for the 'bottle'. My character was suppose to have a flask in hand as well. So I drank from a flask that night. Not a normal thing for this girl to do.
Oh they love each other.

Jon is just loving the love.

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