February 7, 2012

30 days

I try hard not to have a count down. I really do and for the past few weeks I have done pretty well with this. But I was reminded today as I was crossing days off on my calendar that Matt and I only have 30 days until his last final for the quarter and the option to leave for spring break. 30 days is a piece of cake, however there is a lot that needs to be done between now and then.

Matt's schedule is crazy busy and each week I see him being stretched more and more. And even this morning as we were lying in bed trying to convince ourselves to get up... he says..."I need a break". It's a rare thing for Matt to admit that life is a tad crazy because in all ways he usually thrives on 'busy'. But folks my poor husband needs a break. I am super proud of all his energy and determination to do well during this time of life and he really continues to surprise me each day. College Student Personnel grad school really is his thing. I wonder sometimes what that opinionated undergraduate professor would say about Matt now; being that she suggested that a four year degree was something he was just not capable of. I understand that not everyone is higher education material, but to ever suggest that someone is not cut out for it while in the middle of attempting the dream... yea that takes some guts. And guess what lady? My husband is working hard for his master's degree because it's a goal, and he doesn't back down on goals.

Matt is doing awesome. He is enjoying school as much as you can 'enjoy' school. But I know that it's the ultimate goal of receiving a master's degree that keeps him going. Knowing that when these two years are over he will have something substantial to take with him. He will have the ability to support a family and even maybe some of his (expensive) hobbies. :) He will have connections and relationships from our time here in Athens, and he will have experiences that prepare him for a real world job. Yea... we are on a mission here--and he will succeed.  We will succeed.

But I think that every now and then it's okay to admit that you need a break. It's the breaks of relaxing and rejuvenating that get us through the chaos. So in 30 days Matt will find himself enjoying a very well deserved break.

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