February 3, 2012

Visitors, My Favorite:

My parents came for a visit! It went to fast, but it was tons of fun! Not only did my mom bring some of my favorite food with her, but I got to see Moxy and simply enjoy the company while Matt was super busy. We had a couple nights out on the town. We enjoyed a yummy pizza on Court St. and then had a wonderful time seeing the show STOMP! We all loved the showed, even my dad!

My lovely parents :)


The first day my parents arrived I got the bug to move around furniture... again. So we started with the guest bedroom where we moved the bed from one wall to the other, making a ton more room. One of those things where we wondered why we had not done it that way to begin with--then it was on to the living room. I had been day dreaming what our room would look like if we flip flopped the room. Our original set up was aesthetically pleasing, however it felt cold to me. I always felt like we were far away from the TV, Matt and I never sat all that close to one another and the room left me feeling "umcomfy". So I dared to suggest we move it all around. The new look does not seem all that pleasing, but we are now a good four feet closer to the TV, the room is definitely more cozy and we are not facing our front door. For now, we like it... but Matt seems pretty willing to move furniture whenever I ask, so who knows... it might change again.

Before. Yes, it looks really nice and better than how it looks now, but since Matt and I are the only ones ever enjoying the space--it's all about comfort. It is now comfortable.
Matt doing his thing... reconnecting the TV and all the other electronics.

More of the flip-flopped room. It can hardly compare to the before simply because it was so messy during the move.

Still lots of organizing to do.
Another change that took place was Matt's willingness to buzz his head! He has been trying to grow out his hair for a good while now, but finally decided it was more work than he wanted. People think I'm crazy, but I personally enjoy Matt's head buzzed. Not sure why, but I think it's a good look on him. All I know is that the buzz cut is fabulously cheap and we are okay with cheap right now. :)

Some before shots...

Looking good. If he actually did his hair with a faux hawk I may have really enjoyed his long hair.

There it goes,

It was an intense job.
Sad, I guess. :)

All done.
So a couple changes took place over the last few days, and it is kind of refreshing. It continues to be the little things that keep me from wanting to just run back "home" (P.C.) and continue life there away from the discomforts of here.

To end my parents visits we were given some pretty great weather. A nice 70 degrees spoiled my parents, but we had no problem enjoying the sunshine and the warmer breeze. All in all, it was a great week, just wish it wasn't over.

Moxy came for a visit too. Love that old puppy.
Out for pizza. Very yummy pizza.

No lie, it was warm.

See... no coat--in February!

Thanks for a great visit parents! I love you and had a great time, come back again soon!

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  1. What a great get away so happy you ordered up such perfect weather. Thanks for the special birthday, we had an awesome time. We even enjoyed being a part of the furniture move, you're very lucky to have a guy that loves to recreate a room. Can't wait for your spring break and to have you home for a lil while. Time sure does seem to be flying by. Praying your interviews go well and you get placed in an interesting position.
    Luv ya bunches, Ma