March 5, 2012

Exciting Day

So today I found out exactly what I'll be doing next year while in Athens! It made for a pretty awesome day if I do say so myself! Just one step closer to crossing "get a master's degree" off my bucket list! So thankful for this opportunity! This is what a fantastic email looks like:

Dear Katie:

It is my pleasure to write to you on behalf of the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at Ohio University. As you know, we had a large number of applicants for the program this year. I am pleased to let you know that we would like for you to join the College Student Personnel cohort for Fall, 2012. Soon you will receive a letter of acceptance from the Patton College of Education and Human Services, conditional upon your completion of your undergraduate degree if not yet complete.

In addition to acceptance to the program, you have been matched with a graduate assistantship in Health Promotion, and your prospective supervisor, Terry Koons, is copied on this message. You will hear from the GA supervisor soon to discuss the position in more detail.

We look forward to hearing from you. You have until April 15th to let us know of your decision. However, if you make your decision before that time, please let us know about your choice upon making your decision.

Thank you again for your interest in the College Student Personnel program at Ohio University. Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Best regards,
Pete Mather

Peter C Mather, PhD
Associate Professor
Coordinator, Higher Education and Student Affairs
Ohio University
313C McCracken Hall
Athens, OH  45701

So what am I jumping into?
and what am I getting myself into? eek. :)
I think it's going to be a pretty amazing experience. 

 Graduate school here I come!